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An Open Letter to Nikol Pashinyan

An Open Letter to Nikol Pashinyan

Dear Mr. Pashinyan,

In its Nov. 29, 2018 issue, the Western U.S.A. Ramgavar Party’s (ADLP) official newspaper “Nor Or” Weekly published a short news story on its front page with the heading: “Pashinyan’s Response to the Leader of Dashnaktsutyun.” The headline, coupled with the prominent position chosen for this story, drew my attention and curiosity. The bigger-than-usual size headline was also an indicator that the editorial staff had decided that this story is one of the most important news items of the week.

According to the story, while denying ARF representative Hrant Markarian’s statement that “as of May, no weapons were supplied to Armenia,” you interpret that statement to be a call to “attack.” In your own words, “It’s not too far from saying: ‘boys, (…), come on, it’s the right time, attack! You from that side, and we, from this side.’”

Attack on whom? The national army, security forces, or … it’s not clear. And moreover, how is it possible to make such comments, Mr. Pashinyan, about a Party which, during its 128 years of its existence, has sacrificed thousands of soldiers of faith to “the homeland and the Armenian people”? Now, that same party would endanger the peace of the country? And why? To secure a few seats in the National Assembly? Or has the delusion of being persecuted already begun to appear in some places? Is that how you have “noted” the ARF’s essence, character and way of accomplishing things?

Considering that this statement wasn’t enough, you continue: “I want to confirm that the RA Armed Forces and the Armenian people, despite the ARF representative and the RPA, are ready to fight to the end in defending the homeland.”

Mr. Pashinyan, I am not a member of any traditional party, nor do I have any intention to join. As a simple Diasporan-Armenian, would you allow me to ask you first, why did you decide to include the ARF and the RPA in the same sentence? Is it based on the principle of the Diaspora-Armenian saying, “to kill two birds with one stone”? Do you really think that the ARF, which not just today, but has always been ready and dedicated to the protection of the homeland, will be against defending the same homeland just because it is an opposition party? Otherwise, why “despite”?

Finally, when you say the Armenian people, despite the ARF, are ready to fight to the end to defend the homeland, is it because you have disregarded or –due to being overworked—have forgotten that the ARF, similar to ADLP and SDHP, has emerged from the Armenian people’s womb to serve the Armenian people?

Frankly speaking, Mr. Pashinyan, this expression of yours, forgive me for saying this, has disgusted me. But, please, do not throw me “to the asphalt” or “plaster (me) onto the wall.”


Vram Martirosian

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